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A yearly subscription to Distance to Jupiter's work, which is called "79 Moons & Counting" (the planet Jupiter has 79 known moons), grants access to all Distance to Jupiter albums going forward, three subscriber-only compilations ("Music for Imaginary Films" 1, 2 and 3), plus instant downloads of three of the most recent albums. All downloads are available in any format you desire, including uncompressed 24-bit/96kHz masters. What are you missing by not subscribing? It's 2019, and since 2007, one hundred and twenty-two tracks have been released by Distance to Jupiter. That's 1.18 tracks per month. In fact, the project has been producing underground electronic music since 1996. It all started with a consumer-grade Sony Minidisc deck (for recording) and a single instrument: the Roland MC-303 Groovebox, for performing. I subsequently obtained the MC-505 and MC-909 models, ultimately crafting nine albums of loop-based performances. In 2006, I moved the Distance to Jupiter project into digital audio workflows. Recently, I've been moving back into hardware. The original nine albums from the Roland Groovebox performance era are included with a "79 Moons & Counting" subscription. These early works will be making their way to this platform over the coming years. Remastered from the original Minidisc recordings, they will all be made available to subscribers. Weird and haunting, these early releases are the perfect match for a pair of nice headphones. A handful of these tracks are available already in the "Toiling in Musical Obscurity 1999-2005" compilation. As always, heartfelt appreciation goes out to anyone who has supported this work in the past - and to all those who may support it in the future. Stay weird!

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Distance to Jupiter
Phoenix, Arizona
Music for imaginary films. Soundtracks for scientists and storytellers. It doesn't mean much now. It's built for the future.

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